5 actionable items to employ after #INBOUND14

INBOUND14 was truly a unique and unforgettable experience. I met exceptional talent, attended dozens of great sessions, got some free swag, and ultimately came away with a great deal of inspiration to take back to the inbound marketing team at Mainstreethost. But what good is it if all that inspiration goes to the wayside?

6 ways businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video

There are many ways you can use video to promote your business, but just like you do with any other form of content marketing, you must outline your business goals from the inception of your video marketing initiative. What would you like to offer current/potential customers with your videos? What type of content will you use to present your material? What platforms will you choose to upload and share your video on?

Maybe you have a deep-rooted history in your community, or your award-winning culture is a big reason why your products or services succeed. Learn more about how businesses can promote their brands, products or services using video.

How a brand journalist can help perfect your brand’s content marketing strategy

As people immerse themselves in valuable content on the Web via social media, as well as reputable sites like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and Gizmodo, brands and marketers are finding ways to bridge the gap between journalism and advertising by becoming publishers.

Brand journalists combine brand storytelling with traditional forms of journalism, helping brands connect with their audience in a more personal, transparent way.

Marathon tragedy shows true value of social, and Yahoo unveils new weather app

In the wake of the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, people flocked to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to scour their timelines and newsfeeds for real-time updates, breaking news and devastating eyewitness accounts, including images and videos of the bombings, some of which were too graphic to air on the evening news. The tragedy magnified the true power of social media, both good and bad.

Here’s that and some of the other top marketing and social media related stories that happened during the week of April 15.

Marketing Madness: The Biggest Brand Powerhouse, Mainstay and Cinderella

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has certainly lived up to its billing, and it will continue Thursday when the remaining Sweet 16 contests for a spot in the Elite 8. The tournament thus far prompted me to drum up a few comparisons of this year’s dominant team, perennial power and spirited Cinderella to some of the top consumer brands.

Five Pieces of Panda-Resistant Content Worth Adding to Your Website

So Panda hasn’t battered your website for thin, useless or duplicate content. You’ve taken the necessary steps to “Panda-proof your website.” Blogs are a great way to drive traffic and build brand awareness, but there are other types of content you can offer your visitors besides blogs. Here’s a list of some types of Panda-proof content that you can add to your website that your visitors will love.

Viggle, GetGlue lead the way in new era of Social TV

If you’re oblivious to apps like Viggle and GetGlue and how they’ve enhanced the TV-viewing experience, then 2013 may be the year you explore these options and more. Although “Social TV” has long been a buzzword for social media whizzes, these apps will transform the way we watch TV in the future.