11 SEO Myths: Debunked [Infographic]

When it comes to SEO, it’s important to have all the facts. We’ve created this list to help you avoid the most common (and damaging) SEO myths.

All About Backlinks [PREZI]

Learn how backlinks have progressed as an SEO tool and how to effectively and appropriately use them in a Prezi developed by the Assistant Manager of Mainstreethost’s SEO Department, Bob Royal, and Partner Program Coordinator, Dan Weber.

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There’s no real argument for not having a blog for your business these days. It’s an important part of building your website’s credibility, providing updated content consistently to your visitors and search engines, and engaging your customers.

How the Twitter-Google Partnership Will Impact Marketing

The digital world is a-blazing following the announcement of a new and improved partnership between Google and Twitter. This alliance is going to take the impact of real-time marketing to a whole new level, as relevant tweets will begin to display in Google search results within moments of being posted.

SEO is Changing: What to Do to Keep Up

SEO five years ago, or even one year ago, is quite different from the SEO of today. Google has implemented several changes to its algorithms that affect how searchers get results, and how marketers get your website found.