TestTube – YouTube’s Ideas Test Center

Looking for some fun YouTube features to play around with? If so, check out YouTube’s TestTube which they refer to as their “ideas incubator” where they test ideas that aren’t fully 100% ready to be full functions of YouTube.

What I Like About Google+ So Far

I was lucky enough to get invited to Google+ yesterday and am now finally finding time to explore it. Below are some of the features I am enjoying so far.

Start an HTML5 Project in 15 Seconds!

HTML5 is the latest revision to the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) standard. With so much buzz around building faster websites for SEO and end user reasons, website owners, webmasters, and business owners are now turning to HTML5 as an option for their developments / re-developments.

#ProSEO Boston 2011 – Recap & Takeaways

Topics covered SEO, link building, social media, keyword research, and much more. Events of this nature benefit all parties with the amount of information being shared and the knowledge and tools being demonstrated.