#ProSEO Boston 2011 – Recap & Takeaways

Topics covered SEO, link building, social media, keyword research, and much more. Events of this nature benefit all parties with the amount of information being shared and the knowledge and tools being demonstrated.

Does Your SEO Work?

In today’s age of online marketing, search engine optimization, social media, etc., it is sometimes difficult to keep tabs on where your money is being allocated and how well it is working for you. There are many tools out there to track visitors, bounce rates, and countless other statistics, but what does it all mean?

Linkedin Launches New Social News Site

Linkedin has launched a new social news site called Linkedin Today. The new social news site aims to provide users with “top articles that your network and other professionals are sharing on Linkedin and Twitter.”

Mobile Web and Your Business

Mobile Web is a topic that is being talked about a lot these days. With Google’s recent announcement that an estimated one billion people around the world will be connected to mobile web by the end of 2011, it’s no wonder small business owners are starting to get in on the act.