And the Worst Grammatical Blunder People Make Is…

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, and cinematic chatter about the most shocking surprises and snubs soon followed. My friend, a true film junkie, texted me her reactions to the noms as the announcements rolled out. Despite the cognitive-impairing fog that swathed my brain at such an unnaturally early hour, I noticed that my film… Read more »

What Not to Do When Writing a Blog Post: Walter Matthau Style

Through crafting my own posts and through reading the words of others, I’ve come to realize that while each high-quality written piece is high-quality in its own unique way, mediocre blog posts/articles/news stories often have certain features in common, features that are mildly perturbing and/or slightly agitating and that might even cause me to dismiss the entire piece.

Nine Steps to Assembling an Inbound Marketing Team – Voltron Style

Creating a rock-solid and well-executed strategy is the first step toward increasing your company’s inbound leads. But how successful can that strategy be without an all-star marketing team to set it in motion? With the help of Voltron, we’ve created an instruction manual designed to help you assemble the future of your business through your… Read more »