Are your images ranking on Google?

If your site contains images, then you should be taking full advantage of them. While the images on your website make it more attractive to human visitors, search engines have a hard time seeing them. If search engines aren’t archiving your images, then you’re losing out on new visitors and subsequent business.

Just like text and other website features can be optimized to improve your visibility in search engines, so can graphics. After all, what good are images if no one is seeing them?

Image optimization is important because:

  • Each optimized image has the ability to rank
  • Images without optimization can result in poor load speed
  • Optimized images ensure that your website is easily accessible to those with visual impairments

Ever wonder why certain pages of your site don’t load quite as fast?
Here are a few things that un-optimized images can do:

  • Slow down load speeds
  • Create a poor experience for your users
  • Increase your bounce rate on image-heavy pages

With image optimization from Mainstreethost, more visitors will be able to find you through your photos. Our team of SEO professionals will review your website and determine how to optimize your images for the most potential.

Contact Mainstreethost today at 1-888-874-3791 to get your graphics ranking on Google Images.