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Small Business Digital Marketing

As a small business owner, long hours and hard work are needed to make your operation a real success. Whether it’s tackling a tough project, keeping up on customer orders, or making sure your new shop is inviting, you’ve invested time and effort and continue to do so daily.

Most small business owners, however, don’t have the experience or time to make their online presence shine. Fortunately, Mainstreethost has helped small businesses around the world build, develop and grow their digital marketing plans for nearly two decades. Whether you’re an alpaca farmer or a zydeco musician, we can help your business from A to Z.

Identifying Roadblocks

Building your business is more than the brick and mortar location or just the products or services that you offer, especially in the digital realm. Your website is your first opportunity to wow prospective customers, so it’s vital that your website engage, entice and educate.

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The first mark is engagement. If you visit a site that is all images or all text, are you going to be drawn in? Engagement starts with an attractive site layout that entices people to learn more about your business, to look at your products or to review the service of your work.

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To truly make your business enticing to prospective customers, you must showcase your appeal. We use attractive photo galleries, compelling images, calls to action (CTAs) and customer reviews that will lead people to choose your product or service.

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Finally, your site must educate the consumer about your business and what you have to offer. Online, you don’t have a showroom or the opportunity to speak directly to customers, so no matter how good your product looks or how charming your people skills are, if people don’t understand, they won’t make a purchase. Informative written copy, attractive images and demonstrative videos can unite to tell your story and captivate your audience of would-be customers.

Did You Know?

83% of the small business owners that have a website feel as though they have an advantage on those without a website.

Small Business + Small Budget ≠ Small Results

At Mainstreethost, we’re aware that money spent on marketing is meant to bring in more business, which is why we work to deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI) for your investment in our company. We aim to keep costs low and suitable for your business. We work to deliver improved rankings, increased traffic and, in turn more business.

When you work with our team, your Account Coordinator will be your liaison. They will review your business, your unique challenges and your goals. Your Account Coordinator will help guide you throughout your marketing package to achieve results. Along the way, you’ll see how your site’s performance improves, and have opportunities to ask questions or grow your marketing to meet seasonal opportunities or holiday demands.

Our marketing can grow with your success, and our efforts can make your success grow. Let’s work together and make the most of your business.

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