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YouTube Marketing

With over one billion hours of YouTube videos watched every day, the video sharing platform has not only solidified its place as the second largest search engine in the world, but also the second most visited site behind Google.

Pulling in more searches than Bing, Yahoo!, AOL and Ask combined, YouTube has become a powerful tool for businesses to expand their reach. That is, if their content can actually be found.

Gain visibility in the search results and strengthen your video marketing efforts with an effective YouTube SEO strategy.

Supercharge Your Video Marketing

YouTube boasts over two billion users every month, finding endless entertainment, education, news, reviews and more through its platform.

Used by businesses to build up their brands, promote their products, or provide educational resources, YouTube offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience on a larger scale.

But it’s not enough to upload a video and expect to see any real exposure. It takes an effective YouTube SEO strategy to help your content be found, consumed and shared by viewers. Through proper optimization and intelligent copy, our team can help you earn preferred placement in the search results, putting your content right in front of your ideal audience.

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm

Ahh yes—another algorithm to try and understand. Guiding viewer behavior and, quite frankly, dictating every second of your video content, YouTube’s algorithm is key in your marketing success.

Why? Well, the goal of the algorithm is not to determine what videos are “good” and “bad.” It’s to present users with the content they want to watch to then keep them on the platform for as long as possible.

And they’re definitely succeeding at it. Over 70 percent of time spent on YouTube is dedicated to watching videos recommended by the AI software itself. Wild, right?

So, although YouTube’s algorithm may seem pretty advanced, it’s not perfect. You still need to effectively communicate the context of your videos in a way that the search engine can understand.

That’s where SEO comes in.

Did You Know?

70% of What Users Watch is Determined by the YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

YouTube SEO Services

Optimizing your YouTube presence

Just like search engine optimization for your website, YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your channel and videos to improve visibility within the platform’s search results.

It involves several optimization tactics tailored to the unique search engine, that if executed properly, will generate views, traffic, and sales.

At Mainstreethost, we work with you to develop a complete YouTube SEO strategy aimed to help your videos gain traction and improve your visibility in the search results.

YouTube Logo

YouTube Brand Channel

Creating a platform for your brand

Your channel is the home base for your business on YouTube.

Optimizing and designing this page to reflect your brand will help you gain recognition from viewers, allowing them to become familiar with your look and voice, and eventually leading them to explore more about you.

Customize your channel for both new and returning subscribers. By optimizing your brand page for the appropriate users, you can increase both watch time and subscriber engagement.

  • Channel optimization
  • Customized experience
  • Professional brand
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Video Optimization

Increase visibility in search

With in-depth keyword research, we can determine the most effective key phrases to boost the visibility of your videos and overall brand in the search results.

These phrases will be targeted in your titles, descriptions, and tags. Combined with strategic links and strong calls to action, your videos will have the opportunity to gain real exposure and drive results.

  • Video keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • YouTube content guidelines
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YouTube Analytics

Key channel metrics and reports

Track, measure, learn and adjust. The power of YouTube Analytics allows you to track the performance of your individual videos and channel growth as a whole.

By understanding who is watching your videos, how long they are watching, where they are located and how people are discovering your content, our team can help you interpret and modify your strategy to reach more viewers.

  • Watch time and views
  • Audience engagement
  • Overall channel reach
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YouTube Marketing Services

Spread the word about your video content

Promote your videos and YouTube channel across the internet.

Unfortunately, build it and they will come, no longer applies for video marketing. As a creator, you put countless hours and effort into producing video content, but then no one watches 😔 . It’s the harsh reality most creators and businesses face.

However, the missing piece that most YouTube creators forget about…is marketing their videos.

A proper video promotion strategy is often the differentiator between success and going unnoticed. Using a variety of available channels allows your video content to gain exposure from multiple sources and maximizes opportunities for performance.


Video SEO

Optimizing for visibility

Effective optimization of your videos can help your brand connect with an audience hungry for visual content.

With an appropriate SEO strategy for your goals, we approach the optimization of your videos to be indexed and rank in the search engine results pages for targeted key phrases.

  • Gain views
  • SERP performance
  • Maximize video potential
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Social Media Marketing

Grow your audience

Generating views and gaining subscribers on YouTube is, well, awesome! But let’s think bigger: expand your reach and engage with a larger audience through the power of social media marketing. Sharing your content on these platforms will not only strengthen brand awareness, but drive more traffic back to your channel.

  • Boost visibility
  • Engage your audience
  • Cross-platform growth
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Website Marketing

Drive traffic and engagement

Amplify the strength of your videos with a website and corresponding blog posts. Since a website is the cornerstone of a polished online presence, combining your visual content with a written article can help you gain credibility and eyes through traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

  • Expand your online presence
  • Target traditional search engine users
  • Strengthen your content
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YouTube Ads

Targeted paid promotion

With YouTube ads, you can target potential customers and advertise your products and services directly to interested viewers. Drive conversions, grow interest, build awareness and strengthen brand recognition through the use of our YouTube TrueView ad management.

  • Reach a targeted audience
  • Flexible ad management
  • Variety of ad choices
Open Mailbox

Email Marketing

Inbox updates, FTW

Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful methods of driving revenue. By growing your subscriber base, not only in YouTube, but email as well, you’ll be able to let insiders know about news, upcoming videos and merch for sale right in their inbox.

  • Connect with subscribers
  • Inform your audience
  • Direct marketing and sales channel

Think About It...

…you have the world’s second largest search engine giving you access to this huge audience. We know—whoa 🤯 . But it takes more than just a good video to even begin reaching these viewers.

So yeah, you could go on creating awesome videos and uploading them—fingers crossed that they’ll eventually be seen. But… we think your content deserves better.

Generate views, grow your channel and access a larger audience with our comprehensive approach to YouTube marketing.

With over 25 years in the digital marketing space, we have been able to implement, test, and refine our strategies to create services that drive results. Our team consists of SEOs, creatives, and frankly, huge YouTube nerds, who are ready to help you gain the exposure you desire for your brand.

Let’s get to work.

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