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5 Reasons Local SEO is No Longer Optional

It makes sense that in a global marketplace, you should focus more on search engine optimization (SEO) on a worldwide scale than local SEO, right? Wrong.

Here are a few reasons local SEO isn’t just a good idea – it’s no longer optional.

Reading Time:4 mins October 20, 2014

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It makes sense that in a global marketplace, you should focus more on search engine optimization (SEO) on a worldwide scale than local SEO, right?

Wrong—the reality is that LSEO and even hyper-LSEO is more prevalent than ever, especially if you’re not in a smaller niche where the competition is a naturally kept thing. For example, if you can honestly say that one of your major competitors is Amazon rather than another vegan bakery in Madison, how are you ever going to get to the top of your search ranking results if you don’t revere LSEO?

Even if you truly target a global market, there are likely threads of your business with a local flair and you need to capitalize on them. Consumers may enjoy the convenience of a global market, but they also want that personal touch and hometown vibe.

Studies have shown that people are willing to pay more and even opt into less convenience if they’re supporting a local endeavor (or at least feel like it). Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar establishment but your headquarters is in San Diego, make the most of that southern California connection when considering your (L)SEO.

Here are a few of the major reasons LSEO isn’t just a good idea – it’s no longer optional:

1) It Allows for a Better Competitive Edge

Maybe you really are trying to place at the top of keyword results for something like “organic almond butter” and you ship internationally, but that is a semi-tough market to master.

However, you can definitely move up the ranks by adding an LSEO flair such as “almond butter organic Texas” because there might be quite a few fellow Texans looking for a brand they can check out in-store. Even if you’re not on shelves in Texas but that’s where the butter is made, you can reel them in and convert them to online customers.

2) You’re Giving the People What They Want: Local

Since people are seeking out local companies and willing to spend more to support them, why wouldn’t you make the most of whatever local connections you have? Maybe you’re from Nebraska or you started the shop out of your Florida dorm room. Use geo-targeting with your LSEO and you’ll connect to consumers who want to feel that bond.

3) It Provides a Way to Double Down

SEO and LSEO work in tandem, but they’re actually two very different sides of the same coin. It’s one tool of many in your SEO strategy, and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

Opting out of LSEO is like choosing not to use video as part of a content marketing campaign. You don’t really “need” video in order to enjoy success, but you’re working without a major player when the competition is going full force.

4) It Ties Your Brick &Amp; Mortar and Online Presence Together

If you do have a brick and mortar establishment as well as an online presence, LSEO can be the tie that binds. However, also keep in mind that if you have a brick and mortar setup, you should first focus on building a solid online presence with LSEO as a pillar. The vast majority of small businesses still don’t have an online presence (even in the digital era), so get on board with that first.

5) It Opens up a World of Keyword Variants

SEO gurus say that the “keyword” is dead and instead it’s the key phrase/long-tail keywords/themes that are king. LSEO can help you make those keywords longer in a natural, organic matter.

LSEO can only serve to help your SEO campaign. Don’t leave it out of the mix.

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