Message Received, or How I Learned to Love Email

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What’s your email inbox look like? Is it full of saved sales and coupons from your favorite businesses, sprinkled alongside bills, fantasy football tips and emailed letters from family? If it’s anything like my inbox, it is.

Everyone’s approach to email and organization is unique, and some say how you stay on task says a lot about your personality. I won’t try and speculate what the emails coming in to your address say about you, but I’d bet at least a handful are saved from your local pizzeria, that favorite clothing store or discount codes for cheap Uber or Lyft rides. I’d also guess that your organization’s own outbound email marketing efforts could use a little reinforcement.

Today, most marketers agree email is a good option again – and one of the preferred ways to reach the Millennial and Gen Y customer segments. That’s why it’s important to take another look at your email efforts, or even just refresh yourself on the best practices.

Helping you find success with email marketing is just one of the many reasons we’ve put together our latest ebook, “Message Received: A Guide to Email Marketing.” In it you’ll find tips on how to put together a successful email list, suggestions on segmentation and how to test different designs or features. It contains suggestions on how to gauge whether a campaign has been positive or negative for your bottom line.

See what you might be missing and download “Message Received: A Guide to Email Marketing” today!

Why you need this ebook

Our email marketing guide starts at the very beginning and will take you step-by-step through the process of developing effective email campaigns you can implement within your marketing strategy to generate money, cultivate leads and delight current customers.

By downloading this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to create, cultivate and develop contacts and lists
  • Generate email campaigns
  • Develop effective content
  • Build a profitable campaign
  • How, why and when to send, test, promote and share

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