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12 Content Marketing Tips Really Successful Small Businesses Follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing is a crucial part of an effective marketing strategy.
Brush up on some SEO stats with this infographic!

Reading Time:4 mins August 12, 2014

Content marketing is a crucial part of an effective marketing strategy, whether for a small business or a corporate organization.

According to CoSchedule, “Content marketing is all about sharing your advice and ideas with your audience through a blog or online social network…”

Writing every day may sound like a notorious task, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, the majority of the content should be relevant to the type of industry your business is in. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your content.

Remember that you are writing for people, not just businesses. Mix up the content once in a while to not only attract new leads, but convert, close, and delight them. Writing every day, and writing well, will help increase the success of your content marketing strategy.

Your content also doesn’t have to be only writing. Add some exciting visual content (like infographics) to effectively attract and delight your audience.

Courtesy of CoSchedule, here are 12 more content marketing tips. Enjoy!

Content Marketing Infographic

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