Author: Lauren Marchese

Lauren is a former Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mainstreethost. She has a background in social media marketing and is passionate about content writing. She’s also obsessed with traveling internationally, binge-watching the latest shows, her beloved alma mater – Cornell, and managing her cat’s Instagram.
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6 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement for Free

How do you fight statistics that say out of 100 Facebook fans only 6 are seeing your posts?

Despite the figures, improving your organic reach is possible. If your budget is limited, you’re new to social media marketing, or you just aren’t willing to pay for results, here are 6 easy and FREE ways you can start improving your Page’s engagement.

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Movie Marketing is Going Digital (and you should, too)

Digital marketing presents an interesting alternative to traditional and costly marketing methods. Just like in most industries, Hollywood can’t completely do away with traditional marketing on platforms like television. But with the increasing reach of digital methods like social media, these expenditures may be obsolete in the future.