9 SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Posts

There’s no real argument for not having a blog for your business these days. It’s an important part of building your website’s credibility, providing updated content consistently to your visitors and search engines, and engaging your customers.

How Often Should You Be Blogging?

So you want to start a blog; great! One of the toughest questions that both new and experienced bloggers ask is how frequently they should be posting. It’s a tough question to answer. There’s no real formula for success, no magic number.

4 Unconventional Introductory Tactics that Pull Readers in

4 Unconventional Introductory Tactics that Pull Readers in

The cursor blinks, over and over again. It sits there on the empty virtual page and taunts your inaction. You couldn’t conjure an introduction if someone had a gun to your head.

It’s a common struggle among us writers to which there’s no easy remedy. But here are a few useful techniques for writing introductions that’ll both freshen your approach and suck in would-be readers.