5 Elements to Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are webpages with the purpose of getting visitors to complete a particular action, oftentimes with the intention of providing some “offer” at the end. Individuals simply fill out a brief form before gaining access to a piece of content (if offered), and the company receives your contact information for future marketing efforts.

UX Website Evaluation

Introducing: The User Experience Tour Guide (Hint: Every business should have one)

Your website is a vital member of your marketing team; and in today’s consumer-driven digital world, above all, its main responsibility is to provide your online users with a stellar experience – start to finish.

Because of this, business owners and other marketing professionals must look at their employee, ahem – their website, with a discerning eye and perform an evaluation to ensure it’s working hard for the users and no one but.

What Not to Do When Writing a Blog Post: Walter Matthau Style

Through crafting my own posts and through reading the words of others, I’ve come to realize that while each high-quality written piece is high-quality in its own unique way, mediocre blog posts/articles/news stories often have certain features in common, features that are mildly perturbing and/or slightly agitating and that might even cause me to dismiss the entire piece.