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Dream Big, Start Small: Celebrating National Small Business Week

The annual event recognizes the impact of small businesses in local communities.

Reading Time:6 mins May 3, 2016

National Small Business Week 2016 is well underway, and there are many ways to get involved through live events, webinars, social media, and live streaming. Every year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) launches a series of events and promotions to spread the word about the positive impact that small businesses have across the country. This year’s theme is “Dream Big, Start Small,” encouraging entrepreneurs to share their successes and challenges with their peers and inspire others to start up their own companies.

What is National Small Business Week?

The first National Small Business Week was declared in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy, and every president since has designated one week per year to recognize entrepreneurship in the United States. Events are being hosted throughout the week in Atlanta, New York City, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Denver, and San Jose, featuring guest speakers, panel discussions, and networking.

As part of the annual festivities, the SBA acknowledges small business owners nationwide with a variety of awards, including Small Business Person of the Year, Women’s Business Center of Excellence Award, and Small Business Investment Company of the Year. Nominees are evaluated by how long their business has been operating, growth in revenue and employees, and community involvement.

If you’re looking to keep up with what’s happening on social media, you can follow along with the hashtag #DreamSmallBiz and make your own contributions to the conversation as well. The SBA also provides a free social media guide every year as a reference for suggested social media posts so you can simply copy and paste them into each social network.

In Addition, Here Are 7 Tweetable Stats to Share!

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “More than half of Americans own or work for a small business. #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “Small businesses create about 2 of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “Businesses with 20 or fewer employees make up nearly 90% of U.S. employer firms. #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “There are nearly 543,000 new businesses started every month. #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “In the U.S., you can start a business in as little as 5 days! #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “In recent years, businesses with 20-499 employees have seen the most job creation. #DreamSmallBiz”]

Small Business Statistics - National Small Business Week

[Tweet “Small businesses produce over 15 times more patents per employee than large firms. #DreamSmallBiz”]

(Stats via GoSmallBiz, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, and SBA)

The Impact of Small Business in America

It’s evident that small businesses are essential to our economic success, employing millions of people and bringing money to cities large and small across the country. Small businesses are often built on new, innovative ideas that can transform the landscape of their industry. And luckily, the government and consumers alike are acknowledging this trend, with special tax incentives, funding, and a spirit to support local entrepreneurs.

As a small business itself, Mainstreethost’s foundation was built by striving to help other small businesses succeed; small business values are at the heart of everything we do. For some entrepreneurs, though, marketing might seem a bit intimidating. How are small businesses supposed to keep up with the likes of Apple and Nike? It’s not about “keeping pace” with these corporate giants, but rather focusing on the elements of your business that make you unique.

Has your company been passed down through several generations of your family? Do you know your customers by name? What types of community projects do you get involved in? These are all aspects of a business that consumers love to hear about!  A family-owned company and supporting local communities are things many of us value and take into consideration when making purchase decisions, so it’s important to capitalize on that this week and every week.

For small business owners, National Small Business Week is a time to come together with colleagues to share your stories, recognize achievements, and encourage communities to support local businesses. As individuals, it’s a time to show support for small businesses and learn about the impact they have on our economy. There is still plenty of time to participate in webinars, live events, and social media conversations, so take a little time out of your day to acknowledge these successes and spread the word!

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