Maximizing Local SEO: How to Outrank Your Competition Maximizing Local SEO: How to Outrank Your Competition

Maximizing Local SEO [Ebook]

Maximizing Local SEO: How to Outrank Your Competition

Reading Time:3 mins July 22, 2019

Local SEO is a beast.

How so?

Well to start, it is the all-encompassing process of 1. bringing your local brick-and-mortar business online and 2. getting your product or service seen by the right audience at the exact moment they’re searching for it.

Searcher inquires are now focused, with more area-specific phrasing like, “Where can I eat?,” “Food near me,” and “Restaurants in Buffalo, NY.”

So, with local intent in mind, your digital marketing strategy must adapt, putting a heavier emphasis on developing your online visibility and earning a spot in the local pack. #Goals

But, here’s the thing: local SEO is more difficult than ever with fierce competition making it hard for you to stand out.

As if running a business wasn’t hard enough…

Now you have to understand local search algorithms just to get your website to show up???


So although it seems like the odds are stacked against you, there is some good news:

Maximizing Local SEO is an eBook created to help demystify local search for local business owners.

It is entirely possible for you to conquer the beast that is local SEO and get your website the visibility it deserves with Maximizing Local SEO, an eBook created to help demystify local search for local business owners—that’s you!

And guess what?

You can download it for free!

Download Maximizing Local SEO Ebook

In this guide, we’ll explore the details of how local SEO works, how it varies from traditional SEO and how to leverage a local strategy to outrank your competition.

Learn insights on local search factors like:

  • Foundational SEO
  • Citations
  • Schema markup
  • Links
  • Content creation
  • Measuring success

Make no mistake, getting your business to rank on page one is a challenging task.

And as more and more businesses recognize the benefits of local search, markets are becoming crowded, making it tough to get noticed.

In this book, we’ll break down the strategies we’ve found most effective over the past 20 years and sprinkle in a few tips and tools to help you up your local search game while we’re at it.

So the next time someone searches for your products or services, you’ll have what it takes to show up on the top of the results page.

Get started now, with Maximizing Local SEO

Bonus: there may or may not be a free Local SEO Checklist at the end of this eBook.

(There totally is.)

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I think local SEO will be more and more important. We can note how Google works on Google maps and how important it is to search for mobile, and in connection we see different results than on a computer.

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The Mainstreethost Team

Thanks for the comment!

The importance of local SEO will definitely continue to grow with so many businesses competing for visibility in their local markets.

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Avani Khandelwal

Informative article! Local SEO is gaining importance very quickly as the competition is rising and every business wants to cater to local markets.

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The Mainstreethost Team

Glad you liked the post, Avani. Thanks for reading!

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