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The Science Behind the Tweet

Reading Time:2 mins December 29, 2014

Twitter has become an essential tool in your social media arsenal, but are you sure that you’re using it as effectively as you can be? It’s odd thinking of Twitter as a science; aren’t you just posting pictures, using hashtags, and retweeting posts you find interesting?

In theory it sounds easy, but as society has become more data-focused, we want to see exactly how to construct the perfect profile and generate quality leads. In partnership with industry research from HubSpot, we have collected some best practices that can apply to Twitter and your social media presence as a whole.

Science Tweet Infographic

There are a lot of components to your Twitter presence and it’s important that none of them are ignored. It is a platform that allows you to engage with prospects and customers, see what content they interact with most, and which posts are driving website traffic. Social media is all about engagement, making consumers feel like they can actually connect with your company.

Don’t get me wrong, mastering the art of Twitter is no easy task. But it is well worth the effort.

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Kim is a former Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mainstreethost. She loves watching sports, especially the Bills and Sabres, skiing during the long Buffalo winters, pop culture, and following the latest trends on Twitter.

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