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10 Surprising Social Media Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is not only a great platform for social interactions: it’s ideal for digital marketing, and there’s a plethora of social media statistics floating around the Internet. I have combined a list of ten essential facts you should keep in mind when using social media to market your business.

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A Quick Lesson in Responsive Design [Infographic]

It’s clear that a website built using responsive design is the answer to your mobile website woes. Stop turning mobile users away from your website. Mainstreethost graphic designer Mike Biondo’s latest infographic displays some of the most compelling statistics supporting the benefits of responsive design.

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End Of Days: The Human Race in Review

Humans have been living on planet earth for centuries, fulfilling a myriad of timeless feats that have altered the way we go about our everyday lives. While these milestone advancements in science and technology have bettered the lives of generations to come, they have contributed to countless imperfections as well as from a deteriorating ecosystem to costly world wars. As we reflect on the End of Days, could the future of the human race be up for fatal risk or imminent growth?