Videos Are Worth More: 7 Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Live Streaming

With video consumption steadily on the rise, here's how you can effectively incorporate it into your marketing strategy.


Video is clearly on its way to becoming the most engaging content marketing format.

Consumers are used to watching bite-sized silent videos on social media, and giant platforms like Facebook offer a growing range of options for marketers looking for smart ways to transmit live videos.

Live stream videos instantly capture people’s attention, and offer a fresh way to talk about your product or service in a way that reinvigorates your brand and makes it appear more human to your target audience.

Here are 7 ways to tap into the potential of live streaming

Educate your audience with how-to and training videos

When they’re not sure about how to use a product or are facing a problem with a device, most consumers turn to how-to content. A big chunk of this content is made up of videos.

Instead of offering your audience basic written tutorials, show them that you understand their problems and concerns. A live streamed training offers a personalized experience, which can work wonders for consumer engagement with your brand.

Spread the word that a specialist from your team will be showing how to solve a problem in a live stream at a certain time to catch their attention. Make sure to give consumers the opportunity to ask their own questions prior to the live stream – this is how you’ll know what to focus on in your training.

Another idea is to live stream someone learning how to use your product, which can help your audience quickly master a new piece of software or tool. Having someone from your team instruct them will build a friendly image of your organization.

Share an inside look at company events and parties

The good thing about live streamed video is that nobody expects it to involve professional lighting, cameras on tripods, or other fancy equipment.

If you’re holding a company event or party, use a mobile device to share some of the fun with your audience.

When not overly curated, this type of laid-back content will easily make your audience part of the experience, forging a meaningful connection between them and your brand.

Host interviews with influencers and employees

Another smart way to use live streaming videos is to hold Q&A sessions with industry thought leaders and influencers, as well as employees and clients.

Engaging influencers is an art, but if you do it right, you stand a chance at bringing lots of viewers to your content and gaining great exposure for your brand.

If you manage to secure the help of your customers or employees, live streaming videos will greatly help to boost that personal aspect of your brand’s communications.

Show your office space in behind-the-scenes footage

Live streaming works great if you’d like to show your audience what happens behind the closed doors of your company. Take your followers on a tour around your office.

Allow them to ask questions and satisfy their curiosity. And you don’t have to stay on company premises – anything that might be of interest to your audience can become the topic of a live stream.

A new marketing campaign? A photo shoot or video production? Show your followers who stands behind your brand – you’ll likely see that they’re more interested in this kind of footage than you expected.

Create videos that show off company culture

This part can be tricky. After all, what exactly are culture videos?

This type of video captures the essence of your company by showing who you are and building a fun and vibrant image of your brand.

If you hold regular sports challenges, why not get your audience in on the action?

Or perhaps you’re relocating to a different office next month. You can show a live walk-through of the space as it’s being constructed and decorated, unveiling a brand new polished interior that perfectly captures your brand.

Offer a glimpse into the production process

It’s fair to say that most of the time, consumers have no idea how your product is created or a service is carried out.

And if you assume that they’re not interested, think twice. “How it’s made” videos are very popular, and consumers who like your products will be delighted to learn more about the process, especially if this knowledge comes directly from you.

Live streaming is the perfect medium to show how products are developed – from mere concepts to end products that are brought to market and enjoyed by consumers. If you’re working on something new, share some news about your progress in short live videos – this is how you build momentum for launching your product.

Seeing how much energy and craft goes into your products, your target audience will become even more engaged with your brand (and maybe even more loyal).

Make the most of user-generated content

Live streaming isn’t just about the materials you’re creating; it can also be about what your target audience has to say about your brand and products. Why not arrange live video streams to allow your followers to ask questions and share what they like most about your products?

Naturally, you can archive and reuse these live streams in content you create in the future. They’ll make for great client testimonials – just make sure to ask people for permission first.

User-generated content sends a powerful message to your followers. It shows that you really care about what consumers have to say and want to include them in the process of building a better product.


Use these seven powerful methods and you’re practically guaranteed to create a great brand experience for your audience. You’ll also develop a solid reputation as a brand that isn’t afraid of letting consumers in to see its real nature.

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