The Google+ Post Ads revolution

The Google-volution that has taken on the Internet is once again taking on the world of marketing. The beat? +Post Ads.

Beginning last April, Google+ began a new campaign: get 1,000 followers on your Google+ page, and you can advertise your company’s content through a +Post Ad. The Ad, which has already reportedly brought on 50% more engagement from customers than traditional advertising, allows you to engage your Plus content with multiple sources across the Internet.

Insanely Easy-to-Understand Answers to 8 Google+ Questions

When I joined Google+ and started trying to get the hang of the whole thing, I had a lot of questions. Some of these ranged from the really basic to the more intricate. I quickly learned that many Google+ features are kind of obvious and intuitive once you know about them. The trick is getting to know them.

If you’ve just started your Google+ journey in prep for Author Rank, I’m sure you have a bunch of questions, and you’re probably looking for some tips/shortcuts too. I collected a bunch of questions, some I once asked and some I’ve heard others ask, and answered them. I also cover some keyboard shortcuts and text formatting.

Let the fourth and final post of this Google+ series begin!

A Crash Course in Google+ Ripples

I’m going to begin Part III of this Google+ series by diving right into the good stuff.

If you’ve just started out on your Google+ journey but aren’t really feeling the social network and think it couldn’t possibly have any good stuff, then take a few minutes and learn about Google+ Ripples. (I promise it’s worth it.)

A One-Stop Guide to Google+ Communities

Last week I kicked off a series on Google+ with a wicked in-depth guide to Google+ Profiles. For the second part of the series, I’m going to talk about Google+ communities. If you’re trying to heed the advice of everyone and get on board with Google+ in prep for Author Rank but feel like you just exist on Google+ in a vacuum, communities can be really useful for finding other active Google+ users in your field and discovering new blog posts/videos/resources/tips.

A Wicked In-Depth Guide to Google+ Profiles

I’m kind of ashamed to admit that for a long time, I never really thought much of Google+. I had my hands full figuring out the tips and tricks of all the other major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), so it was much easier to go along with the rest of the world (right or wrong) and dismiss Google+ as a digital graveyard. I had a Google+ account, sure, but if you asked me how to start a hangout or how to share something based on circles, you’d hear crickets.