Three easy blogging tasks oftentimes overlooked by small businesses


Last week I highlighted the importance of adding visuals to your WordPress posts. Including images and videos in a blog post can effectively improve your blogging outreach make your blog a bit more appealing for not only current and potential customers, but search engines too.

For this week’s Tip of the Week, I’m going to focus on the little things. Oftentimes it is easy for small business owners (especially those new to online marketing) to overlook simple tasks that will ultimately affect what your trying to accomplish.

Promoting posts via social media

Social media can be a source of major traffic for your blog, perhaps even the primary source of traffic. Despite being an effortless undertaking (and a no-brainer, really), the benefits of sharing posts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are sometimes neglected.

For WordPress users, it’s fairly easy to install share buttons on your blog.

Share Buttons

Once the buttons pictured above are included at the top of each post, sharing is as simple as a click of a mouse. When sharing, though, be sure to post something other than just the headline. Whip up a quick teaser to grab the attention of your readers.

Furthermore, if readers and similar people in your industry enjoy your post, they are more likely to share the post with their friends and followers as well.

Using a Call to Action

According to Hubspot, failing to add a Call to Action to your blog or blog page may indeed “muck up” your marketing. While a solid Call to Action is a necessity on your homepage, one can also be extremely helpful for your blog as well.

Offer something of value. Entice readers to visit your blog, return on a consistent basis, and reward them for doing so. Invite readers to fill out a form for a free quote or offer them a discounted product or service. You could even direct readers to a video on your YouTube page or ask them to visit your Facebook or Twitter for the latest deals, news and updates.

After all, your blog is there to help you boost traffic, attract leads and ultimately convert.

Soliciting comments

So perhaps you feel you’ve written one of your better posts (heck, they’re all great), but the space provided for reader comments and engagement is bare. Maybe you’re already interacting with your readers/customers via Facebook and Twitter.

But if engagement is lacking, start the discussion. Pose questions at the end of your blog posts or spark a debate in the comments on Facebook to get things going. By simply forming a conversation with fans and followers, you’re building long-term relationships that will ultimately help your business.

Are you new to social media, blogging or online marketing in general? Is there a topic you wish to see covered? Let us know in the comments.

About The Author:Brandon Koch
Brandon Koch is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mainstreethost, a digital marketing agency in Buffalo, N.Y. He writes about a variety of topics, including content marketing, social media, sports and more. Connect with Brandon: Google+ | Twitter | Linkedin