Movember at Mainstreethost: Before & After Photos and Animated GIFs

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As “Movember” came to an end, we had a chance to look back at the month-long facial hair growing event and as promised, below are the “after” photos of the contestants, along with animated GIFs for your viewing pleasure. We’ve also included Mainstreethost’s Ladies of Movember.

Head on down to the comments or poll to vote for your favorite ‘stache and we’ll announce the winner shortly!

Click on any of the images for a larger version.

Before and After ‘Stache Photos:

Craig Kilgore (Inbound Marketing Manager)

Dave Perry (SEO Manager)

Drew Brigham (IT)

Greg McKinnon (SEO Consultant)

Jimmy Munro (SEO Consultant)

Joey Trifilo (SEO Consultant)

Kevin Horton (Enterprise Marketing Manager)

Kevin Pope (Web Design / Development)

Mark Dominguez (Operations Sales Manager)

Nick Mislin (IT Manager)

Pat Allen (SEO Consultant)

Paul Marranca (Accounting Manager)

Pete Baio (Lead Web Developer / Digital Marketing Strategist)

Scott Molloy (Enterprise Marketing Manager)

Tom Seitz (Web Design / Development Manager)

Tony Zaenglein (SEO Consultant)

Mainstreethost’s Ladies of Movember:


And there you have it, Movember at Mainstreethost. Pick your favorite contestant and comment with their name or click their name in the below poll.


About The Author:
Craig Kilgore is Mainstreethost's Inbound Marketing Manager and has 9+ years of digital marketing experience. He has helped businesses grow through inbound marketing, content strategy, marketing & sales alignment, and sales process optimization. Connect with Craig on Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin.