Slideshare Marketing 101


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Although it’s among the top 150 web properties in the world, many online marketers continue to overlook the vast potential of Slideshare.

For SEO reasons, most webmasters bail on the idea of opportunity once they discover the site doesn’t dish out follow links. But take a deeper look: the opportunities are fruitful and easy to implement.

Slideshare Overview

Slideshare is a search engine and social website that hosts slideshows. Slideshows are visual presentations that can be embedded in websites, so other webmasters can include your slideshow on their own pages. Ideally, their visitors will then watch your slideshow and follow it back to your own website, bringing you highly targeted traffic.

Creating a slideshow on Slideshare is easy. You’ll need to set up an account with the site before uploading your first presentation, but this is a quick process.

One of the primary advantages of Slideshare is that you do not need to create new content for your slideshow. Instead, you can reuse content you have already produced for a blog, infographic, marketing article, or video. Compared to creating new content from scratch, re-purposing content is easy.

Like, 5-minutes-after-each-blog-post easy.

How to create a Slideshow

To quickly create a slideshow, take a webpage such as a blog post or marketing article, divide it up into bite-sized sections, and convert it into a PDF file. As you’re converting it, you may want to add some extra graphics or visual content, but this is still a much faster process than creating entirely new content. However, Slideshare is a visual site, so if you’re lacking the graphics, take advantage of low-cost web design software or use web-based workarounds such as Photobucket to whip out graphics in minutes.

For a video, go through and write down bullet points for each major point presented. Once you have these bullet points, you can easily turn them into a PDF or PowerPoint slideshow.

If you already have a relevant infographic, creating a slideshow is even easier. You already have all the bullet points you need. Converting them into a PDF is a straightforward process.

You can certainly create a PDF or slideshow yourself, but there are also a variety of free and paid online services like Zinepal that can accomplish this task for you.

Once you have your PDF or slideshow file, you’re ready to upload it to Slideshare. If you have text in your presentation, Slideshare makes this searchable. Of course, if you use only graphics, the text won’t be searchable, so keep this in mind when creating your slides. Be sure to also use keywords in both the title and description of your slideshow to increase search engine traffic and visibility.

After your presentation is live on Slideshare’s site, you can embed it on your own site. In fact, if the presentation is based on a blog post, go ahead and embed it in the original post.

After Slideshare

For bonus exposure, take the PDF you uploaded to Slideshare and post it on other document sharing sites such as Scribd and DocStoc. Reusing your content as much as possible will increase your return on investment of personal time and money.

The goal of posting a slideshow on Slideshare is to get people to share your content. Therefore, your content needs to be worth sharing. Even though reusing content is fine, it’s worth putting some time and effort into the slideshow as well. Remember, you are representing your brand. If you’re succeeding in reaching new customers, this will be the first contact they have with you. Be professional.

You’d be surprised how much traffic some of these posts get. It is not uncommon for a Slideshare to pick up more hits than a blog post.

Parting thought

As a final reminder, remember to put a call-to-action in every single slideshow (ideally in the beginning and end of the slideshow). There are some people who are currently making a killing marketing CPA offers through strong CTA in their Slideshare posts. This should be an eye opener for marketers.

Internet marketing is all about pursuing income-producing activities. With that in mind, the next time your blog post goes live, take that extra step and submit your work to Slideshare.

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