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With what could very well be the most highly anticipated Super Bowl to date, there’s no question that advertisers are pulling out all the stops to take advantage of the hype surrounding Super Bowl 50. And with that hype comes a massive price tag. CBS is charging $5 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, 11% higher than the most expensive slot on NBC last year. This is also a major increase from the last time CBS aired the Super Bowl in 2013, when the cost was a mere $3.8 million for a 30-second ad.

In addition to traditional advertising, brands sought out other outlets to market themselves during Super Bowl XLIX. Facebook offered ad placements specifically targeted at users who were posting about the game by aggregating data of relevant keywords. These ads ran in real-time so that companies could take advantage of the social conversation as it was happening. Twitter partnered with the NFL and featured a live social broadcast of the game so brands could take part in real-time advertising opportunities, and this year Google is also getting involved.

This year appears to be heading in the same direction, with Snapchat getting on board as another alternative to traditional Super Bowl ads, especially for those targeting a younger, more digital demographic. According to Digiday, Amazon, Marriott, Pepsi, and Budweiser will all be featuring ads in the NFL’s Live Story during the game.

Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl for the game itself, you can’t wait for the Coldplay-Beyoncé halftime collaboration, or you love yourself an endless feast of snacks, you’ll likely be turning up the volume on your TV when the commercials air.

To get you ready for Sunday’s big game, here is a comprehensive list of everything we know about what this year’s ads will entail. While some brands have chosen to keep things completely under wraps, many more are taking advantage of the pre-game press. From full-length ads to teasers, we’ve got it all for you right here! If you’re not one for spoilers, stick to reading the short descriptions featured above each ad instead.

Full Ads Released


Acura’s focus this year is on the 2017 NSX, and the company launched an extended version of the ad so viewers could get a more detailed look at the customizable model. The in-game ad will be reduced to 30 seconds and be featured during the first quarter.


Like Acura, Audi will also be promoting a model from its 2017 line, and will be airing a 60-second spot during the Super Bowl. The ad features a retired astronaut experiencing flashbacks to his adventures in space while driving the new R8 V10 Plus.

Avocados from Mexico

A Super Bowl rookie last year, Avocados from Mexico will be airing an ad during the first commercial break of the game. The ad features actor Scott Baio and reflects on popular world trends over the years, like the Rubik’s Cube and Chia Pets, and ultimately links to the company’s “Always There” campaign – which emphasizes that avocados are always available, no matter what time of year.


Riding on the success of their “Find Your Magic” campaign, Axe is continuing with this theme in a 30-second spot that encourages men to defy traditional stereotypes of what it means to be masculine. Here’s an extended version of the ad:


Budweiser has purchased three minutes of ad space this year, but the adorable puppy from the last two years will not be making an appearance. The Clydesdales will be back once again for one of the ads, and their first fully released ad stars actress Helen Mirren shaming those who choose to drive drunk.

Bud Light

This year’s ad features comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan hosting a political campaign for the official Bud Light Party. Departing from the “Up for whatever” slogan (at least temporarily), the new motto “Raise one to right now” is introduced.


As part of their “Meet the Ketchups” campaign, Heinz is making an effort to show consumers that they offer much more than just their iconic traditional ketchup. The ad features a group of dachshunds running through the grass in hot dog costumes to a group of people dressed up as various Heinz products.


After sitting out last year, Honda is back and promoting their 2017 Ridgeline model. The ad features a choir of sheep singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” which is playing through the vehicle’s truck bed audio feature.


The car manufacturer is sparing no expense for this year’s Super Bowl as the official car and sponsor of the NFL. Hyundai purchased two 30-second spots during the game and two 60-second spots before the game. In one of the full-length ads released, Ryan Reynolds serves as a variety of distractions to a female driver, promoting the automatic emergency braking feature of the new Elantra.


Similar to Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl contest, which is airing its 10th and final winner on Sunday, Intuit hosted a small business competition to give companies that couldn’t otherwise afford an ad the opportunity to take part. We were rooting for Buffalo-area business Vidler’s 5 & 10, which made it to the final round, but Death Wish Coffee ultimately won the 30-second spot. The ad plays off of their claim that they have the “strongest coffee in the world.”


Promoting the Optima, Kia has had Christopher Walken narrating some of its recent commercials. In their Super Bowl ad, he will get some face time as he’s seen helping a man find his missing beige socks, playing off of their newest motto “Find what you’re looking for.”


Returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2011, Mini’s 30-second spot focuses on their new Clubman model and features some big names like Serena Williams and T-Pain to rebel against the notion that their cars only cater to a certain type of consumer.

Mountain Dew

In an attempt to better brand products under the Pepsi umbrella, Mountain Dew is returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2000. The 30-second spot is promoting their Kickstart beverage line and features a “puppymonkeybaby,” which has a pug face, monkey torso, and baby legs. This awkward combination ties together with Kickstart’s three elements – Mountain Dew, juice, and caffeine.


Taking a much lighter approach than last year’s commercial about domestic violence, the NFL’s 60-second spot features people who were born nine months after a Super Bowl victory in their city singing Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.” Below is the full-length version of the ad:

Shock Top

Another beer under the Anheuser-Busch umbrella, Shock Top is joining the ranks of Super Bowl advertisers with a 90-second spot. The ad features an argument between comedian T.J. Miller and the famous orange slice logo, shooting insults back and forth with the closing motto “Live life unfiltered.”


After last year’s widely popular ad where two men arm wrestled for some Skittles, the brand is at it again to create something equally memorable. Featuring Steven Tyler, the 30-second ad includes a picture of the rock star made entirely of Skittles singing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”


Continuing with their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” slogan, the ad opens on a disgruntled Willem Dafoe dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a photoshoot. After handing him a Snickers bar, he all of the sudden turns into Marilyn and things are “better” so they can continue with the shoot.


Their ad announces that comedians Key & Peele (I’m sensing a comedian theme this year) will be doing live video commentary during the Super Bowl at squarespace.com/realtalk for people looking to add even more comedic value to their viewing experience.


T-Mobile’s recent marketing strategy has been focused on separating themselves from other mobile carriers, who often mislead consumers about potential fees or additional costs to using their network. Interrupting Drake while he’s filming his “Hotline Bling” music video, their message to viewers is that “carriers ruin everything” (even Drake’s on-point dance moves).


The website builder stood out as a first-time advertiser during last year’s Super Bowl, and this year Wix is partnering with DreamWorks Animation to promote Kung Fu Panda 3 to show viewers that anyone can design a website. They’ve even dedicated a website to the campaign where you can take a career quiz, watch videos, and enter to win prizes.

Teasers Released


Working with Billy Eichner and Terrell Owens, the video plays off of Eichner’s popular series “Billy On The Street” as they travel around New York City asking passersby to do something bold (like a touchdown dance). We don’t know for sure if part of this ad will be the 30-second spot on Sunday, but it will definitely coincide with their hashtag #BolderThanBold.

Jack in the Box

In a Revolutionary War-esque teaser, there is a military man wearing a Jack in the Box mascot head with the catchphrase “The delicious are coming” prominently featured. No other details have been released about the nature of the ad, but they are certainly leading you to believe something epic is in store.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is staying pretty tight-lipped about what they’ll be promoting in their Super Bowl ad, as the teaser features NBA star James Harden discussing a mystery product that will be announced during their 30-second spot. It’s so top secret that even he doesn’t know what he’s endorsing.


Tax season is upon us, and TurboTax wants you to know how easy it is to file on your own. They’ve leaked a series of seven teasers surrounding the theme that “It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes.” Here’s my favorite:


Last year was WeatherTech’s second Super Bowl appearance, and they’re back at it again with a 30-second spot. Similar to the last two years, they are going to play off of the fact that their products are made entirely in the U.S. and shed light on the people behind the brand.

First-Time Advertisers


It’s hard to believe that Amazon has never advertised during the big game before now, but they are here this year with a star-studded cast to promote their voice activated speaker, The Echo (which goes by the name Alexa). The first teaser features Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino talking about what they need to make this product launch successful.


In a 60-second spot, Apartments.com has enlisted Lil’ Wayne and Jeff Goldblum to show viewers the benefits of living in an apartment rather than buying a house. Jeff is seen playing the piano and singing “Movin’ On Up” while Lil’ Wayne and George Washington are grilling on the rooftop patio of his new apartment.


Colgate takes an alternative approach to product promotion in their first-ever Super Bowl ad, focusing on the importance of turning off the water while you brush your teeth. Here is the full ad that you will see at the two-minute warning of the second half:


LG is promoting their new line of OLED TVs in their 60-second spot, with Liam Neeson being typical Liam Neeson. The ad is staged very much like a movie trailer and focuses on the message, “The future is staring back at you.” Here’s the full ad:


There’s been a strong push from brands to get outside and be active, and Marmot will continue that push through its first Super Bowl ad. They launched a series of three teasers, which feature a squirrel (marmot) that helps a man learn to appreciate nature through some roasted marshmallows around a campfire. The first teaser is below:

Quicken Loans

The goal of Quicken Loans’ debut Super Bowl ad is to show consumers how easy it can be to get a mortgage, and ultimately how home ownership can benefit the economy. They specifically focus on their app and explain “What we were thinking” when the company was created, which was to make the mortgage process as unintimidating as possible.

Persil ProClean

The laundry detergent brand is very new to the U.S. market, so they are looking to the Super Bowl for extensive brand awareness and to hopefully start competing with household names like Tide. And there’s a good chance you might spill pizza sauce or beer on your shirt while watching the game, so the ad serves as a solution to your game day stains. Here’s a teaser for their 30-second spot:


To celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, Pokémon has purchased a 30-second spot telling kids that they can do anything they put their mind to. They’ve released an extended version of the ad ahead of the big game.


Also known as Social Finance Inc., the online lender will be featured in a 30-second ad focusing on their tagline “Don’t Bank. SoFi.” The startup initially specialized only in student loans, but has now expanded its offerings to personal loans and mortgages, prompting the push to spend big during the Super Bowl. Their full ad is featured below and encourages consumers to go bankless when it comes to financing.


SunTrust’s strategy is to position itself as a reliable source for people to discuss and manage their finances. Their 30-second spot emphasizes that you don’t have to panic about your financial situation, and if you turn to SunTrust you can start feeling relief and confidence again. Here’s an extended version of the ad:

Other Advertisers

While the brands above have given us at least a little insight into what they have in store, several are keeping things a secret. The other companies you can expect an ad from are Bai, Buick, Coca-Cola, Doritos (revealing the winner of the final Crash the Super Bowl contest), Michelob Ultra, PayPal, Pepsi, and Toyota.

Getting Ready for Game Day

As expected, there are a lot of newbies to the Super Bowl advertising space as well as several others that have chosen to keep their ideas on the down low. Other notable advertisers from previous years, including GoDaddy, Nationwide, and Nissan, are choosing to sit out this year. But it appears that more and more brands are finding value in releasing clips or the entire ad early so they can develop a campaign around it. Some have chosen to share an extended version of the ad to communicate a more thoughtful message and then dial it back to fit into their designated timeslot. Regardless of their strategy, there’s no denying that this year’s Super Bowl will be giving us plenty to talk about Monday morning.

Do you have a favorite ad or teaser so far? Any you think miss the mark? Let us know!


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