Year in Review: A look back at our 10 most read blogs of 2012


With 2012 officially over and a clean slate before us, all of us in the Inbound Marketing department at Mainstreethost found ourselves looking back at the blog posts we’€™ve written throughout the year.

We covered everything from social media to the London Olympics to the presidential election. We left no pop culture stone unturned, finding marketing inspiration in Lady Gaga and The Biebs. We also found inspiration of a deeper, more humbling kind in the altruistic brands committed to restoring lives affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Through both the lighthearted posts and the serious ones, we made 2012 the year we fully committed to content marketing. We published 130 posts, seven infographics, and our first ebook, and we learned a lot in the process.

So, while you find yourself inundated with people and publications trying to predict the next big thing of 2013, take a look back at the blog posts that most interested our readers in 2012.

1. The Five Funniest Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a funny place, filled with pure comedic genius and unadulterated hilarity. Five people whose 140-character wisecracks and witticisms stand out.

2. Three mismanaged brands that have fizzled thanks to shortsighted leadership

Much like a beleaguered National Hockey League, €”entangled in a long and tiresome lockout, €” companies such as Blockbuster, Kodak and Blackberry deserve a great deal of blame for the destruction of their own brands.

3. Pinterest, People, and Products: Does Pinterest Encourage Users to Buy

An attempt to answer the question that plagues every individual trying to market on the famed virtual pinboard site: does Pinterest tangibly and measurably influence consumer purchasing behavior?

4. Is responsive design the answer to your mobile website woes?

Businesses that lack a website optimized for mobile users are at risk of losing customers. And due to an overwhelming shift to smartphones and tablets, a website built with responsive design can be an obvious solution to your mobile website woes.

5. The Good Old Days: On Hostess, Sweets, and Our Nostalgia-Saturated Society

When Hostess declared bankruptcy, people went on Twinkie buying sprees in an attempt to gobble up what was left of a once-great brand. A sucrose-fueled analysis of how nostalgia figures into American consumerism.

6. Nine steps to assembling an inbound marketing team,€“ Voltron Style

What better way to illustrate the process of assembling a killer inbound marketing team than through the assembly of the famed, amalgamated, and completely badass Defender of the Universe, Voltron?

7. 4 Brands Defying Pinterest Stereotypes to Their Advantage

Pinterest conjures up images of DIY projects, wedding dresses, and cake pops, but a brand doesn’€™t need to be a purveyor of all things female to succeed on Pinterest. Four brands that bring something else to the Pinterest table and shatter the virtual pinboard’€™s stereotypes in the process.

8. 8 Steps to Create an Infographic

It goes without saying: the best way to learn how to create an infographic is by looking at an infographic.

9. End of the Reel: Analysis of the Online Movie Streaming, DVD & Video Game Rental Industry

We know that Netflix sounded the death knell for Blockbuster, but this infographic is filled with information you don’€™t know. Things that all of us VHS-watching kids couldn’€™t even dream of are now cinematic reality, and it’€™s all due to the burgeoning movie streaming and DVD rental industry.

10. Celebrity Endorsements and Twitter: Do We Buy Things When Celebrities Tell Us To?

Charlie Sheen was once paid $50,000 to send out a single tweet plugging Are all of those brands paying celebs to endorse their products simply wasting their money, or are we more impressionable than we’€™d like to admit?


Honorable mention:

MythBusters: The truth about old folks and the web Don’€™t be fooled, grandma and grandpa may be stalking you on Facebook.

End of Days: The Human Race in Review€” As we awaited our fate on the End of Days, we decided to compile a list of mankind’€™s greatest achievements and most crushing failures.

13 Nights to a Better Social Media Strategy In homage to ABC Family’€™s 13 Nights of Halloween, a list of tips for conducting a winning social media campaign.

Bad Grammar on Trial: Five Grammar Mistakes That Crush Credibility A post for all of those grammar junkies who love the Oxford Comma and cringe at dangling participles.


So, here’€™s to 2013! But are there any posts that you enjoyed that didn’€™t make the list? If so, leave us a comment below!

About The Author:Brandon Koch
Brandon Koch is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mainstreethost, a digital marketing agency in Buffalo, N.Y. He writes about a variety of topics, including content marketing, social media, sports and more. Connect with Brandon: Google+ | Twitter | Linkedin