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What is and why should your business be utilizing it?

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While text alone can be descriptive, informative, and useful, visuals almost always help. Visuals can make your content stand out in a cluttered news feed, break up text-heavy articles, and assist in understanding comprehensive data.

Many businesses use data visualization tools to help spice up their content. SlideShares, Prezis, and infographics are top-performing forms of data visualization. Not only are they great for marketers and businesses to share important statistics and reports, but everyday users love their creative and easy-to-read format, too.

However, not everyone has the resources to create all the visual content they need manually. From photos for blogs to infographics, email graphics, and everything in between, all the little visuals a business needs adds up.

Enter: is an online tool that serves as a way for designers to share their work, users to search visual content, and businesses (or individuals) to outsource their creative content needs. began as a platform for creating and promoting visualizations, primarily infographics. Today, their range of services has expanded to include content such as videos, ebooks, interactive websites, and more.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at why is a resource all businesses should utilize. If you have experience with (or other visual content marketing tools), please share in the comments below!

In addition, here are seven visual marketing tools that designers and non-designers can use!


Uploading to your blog and social media is a solid tactic, but it’s not the only way to promote your content. offers free accounts for anyone (business or individual) to upload designs to their content hub. Sign in or create an account, and then click “Submit a Visual” on the homepage to begin. After you create an account, be sure to verify your email address – otherwise you won’t be able to upload your content.


You can create all the visual content you want, but it won’t get you anywhere if no one ever sees it.

It’s no surprise that content with visuals almost always performs better than plain text. According to Mass Planner, infographics are engaged with on social media three times more than other forms of content. And an industry report from Social Media Examiner shows that 37% of marketers claim visual marketing is their most important form of content.

Whether it’s on, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email newsletters, your blog – or preferably on all of these platforms – be sure to share, share, share your content.


Along with uploading your own content to, you can search their content hub for other trending visual content. You can search all infographics, videos, interactive designs, and presentations that users have uploaded to If you’re looking for something specific, you can search under “Categories” as well as filter by Trending, Recent, Viewed, Faved, Commented, or Staff Picked content.

There is also a search feature where you can search for data visualizations based on popular keywords (see below for an example). You can then filter those keyword results by the aforementioned categories and filters. Tutorial


Just like having duplicate content on the web can negatively impact your search engine rankings, copying an infographic or other form of visual content (unless it’s a white label) won’t do you any good either. Therefore, when you’re creating visual content, it’s important that your designs are unique.’s content hub is a great resource to search for what your competitors and others are posting. You can see what type of content does well, what has already been done, and gather inspiration to improve your own visuals.


For those that do not have access to a designer, offers content creation for videos, ebooks, infographics, reports and presentations, social media, and interactive microsites. Simply fill out a contact form to describe your project(s), and will send you a quote.

What’s great about is that their content hub is full of past work that’s available to anyone. Not to mention that they have links to their portfolios for each type of service they offer on the Products and Services page, so you can look at specific examples before deciding to get a quote (see below).

They also offer a Pro plan option if you need a consistent resource: “Visually Pro plan gives you a shared Company Workspace, dedicated support, and content discounts.” Portfolio


If you don’t have the resources to make your own visual content, it’s imperative that you find another way. Outsourcing is a great option, as it saves time and you can get quality content from experienced creative professionals.

As websites, blogs, and social media are becoming more visual-focused, it’s essential for businesses to incorporate visuals in their online marketing. According to Socially Sorted, if a business knows how to “use images, photos, video, and other visual media in [their] online marketing, [they] have a greater chance of reaching more people…”

Whether you hire once, on a freelance basis, or sign up for the Pro plan, they’re a great resource for superb, on-demand services. More and more businesses are incorporating SlideShares, Prezis, infographics, ebooks, and video into their digital marketing strategies. What types of visual content are you utilizing?

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