4 of the best-brewed user experiences in craft beer

We hear the phrase “user experience” thrown around pretty regularly (at least from where I’m sitting). But what does it really mean for the craft beer drinker? I’m interested in the psychological journey that leads us to the “twist” or the “crack” or the “pop” at the end of a long day.

Having sifted through a sea of fantastic breweries, I’ve picked four of the very best user experiences and put them to the test.

UX Website Evaluation

Introducing: The User Experience Tour Guide (Hint: Every business should have one)

Your website is a vital member of your marketing team; and in today’s consumer-driven digital world, above all, its main responsibility is to provide your online users with a stellar experience – start to finish.

Because of this, business owners and other marketing professionals must look at their employee, ahem – their website, with a discerning eye and perform an evaluation to ensure it’s working hard for the users and no one but.

UX beyond design: an emotional connection

This month I’ve written several posts about user experience, and not one was dedicated solely to website or website design (I left that for Pat DePuy). In fact, I purposefully neglected to talk exclusively about website design and user experience.

Here’s why: user experience is more than your website’s design.