#MSHMondays: Bob Royal, Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Bob Royal uses his SEO expertise to help Mainstreethost clients rank in the search engines. But when he’s not optimizing sites, he’s pumping iron at the gym and preparing for the rugby season. Bob plays for the Buffalo Rugby Club, and recently crossed the pond for a multinational UK tour.

Find out more about Bob and his talents in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.

Thanksgiving card

#MSHMondays: A Year in Review

7 months and 30 employees later, #MSHMondays has become our longest running blog series to date. We’ve seen dance-offs, live performances, wizard battles, home runs, bicycle expeditions and so much more as Mainstreethost’s employees stepped into the spotlight.

Here’s a great big New Year’s cheers to our hardworking and talented staff! We’re looking forward to all the challenges and triumphs of 2014, and our viewers can expect big things to come.


#MSHMondays: Emily DiLonardo, Enterprise Marketing Manager

A three year Mainstreethost veteran, Emily DiLonardo recently took over management of the Enterprise department. She oversees marketing for some of the company’s biggest clients, and knows how to have fun while she’s at it.

Learn more about Emily, her big recent purchase and artistic pursuits in this week’s #MSHMondays profile.


Your social team is the face of your business – keep them motivated

Social media managers are a relatively new concept within the marketing department, and not every business may know what makes this position tick. It’s important for the good of the business and the marketing plan to keep them motivated. And with this in mind, here are four tips to do just that.


This is what blatant typos make your business look like

Unintentional blunders are still blunders, and when a brand releases sloppy content, readers will judge them. Businesses look foolish when they neglect typos in their content. But foolish is a broad term, and I think specific analogies serve better in this case.

What can we learn from Beyoncé and her use of surprise marketing?

The better half of one of hip-hop’s most successful artists and entrepreneurs, Beyoncé – also known as Mrs. Carter, Queen Bey, and Sasha Fierce – has successfully awed and astounded her fans this past week by releasing her fifth solo album on December 13, 2013 at 12 am.