Is fixing your old domain’s SEO mess worth it?

Should you invest the time and money into fixing an existing site’s SEO, or should you start over with a new domain? Let’s review the pros and cons of each to see what’s a better fit for your business.

How much should I pay for SEO services, and why?

I’m here to serve up some education and answer the hard questions about SEO pricing. Bear with me as we approach the who, the what and the why behind these valuable marketing services and how much they cost.


#MSHMondays: Pat DePuy, Inbound Marketing Consultant

Pat DePuy has been a part of the inbound marketing team at Mainstreethost for a year and a half now. At work, he writes and promotes blog content, runs the weekly Twitter #photochat, and shoots product photography for clients. Learn a thing or two about Pat, his photography and his dive into homebrewing in this week’s edition of #MSHMondays.

Duplicate Content Featured Image

The case against duplicate content

For years, SEO professionals have warned against duplicate content.

Phrases like, “Just don’t do it”, “Make sure every page’s content is unique”, “You don’t want to be penalized for duplicate content” have been heard ‘round the world.