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Google AdWords: An Overview of Reporting Tools

Once you’ve mastered the basics of AdWords, it’s important to explore the plethora of additional resources that Google offers. Their vast number of reports and custom settings allow you to really evaluate your advertising strategy to see what is working well for you and what isn’t working as well.

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5 Reddit Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Reddit is a social networking, news, and entertainment website with a constant influx of content being shared within its many communities. With over 169 million unique visits each month, it can be a beneficial addition to your content marketing and social media arsenal – if you avoid these 5 mistakes.

Mainstreethost Pay-Per-Click Advertising Mainstreethost Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Getting Started with Google AdWords: The Basics

There’s a lot that goes into developing a successful AdWords campaign, between selecting the right keywords, ad types, images, and budget strategy, that it might seem overwhelming at first. But have no fear! Here’s everything you need to know to effectively set up your first AdWords campaign.