Instagram and Vine: Which video sharing app will be more successful?


Almost six months after Twitter introduced its mobile video app, Vine, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced Video on Instagram. This undoubtedly created a battle of video sharing via social media.

Immediately crushing Vine’s six-second looping videos, Video on Instagram allows its users to capture 3 to 15 seconds of footage. Until July 10, 2013, Vine had an indisputable leg up on the competition: embedding capabilities. Now that Instagram added this capability, what effect will this have on the success of Vine?

Let’s compare the features of the two apps.

Video on Instagram:

  • Captures 3-15 seconds of footage
  • Offers 13 filters for filming
  • User chooses cover photo for the video
  • Embed videos on websites, blogs, articles etc.
  • Share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare or email
  • Add a location to your video
  • 130 million monthly active users
  • Supported on iOS and Android


  • Captures 6 seconds of material
  • Add a location to video
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • Embed videos on a website, blog, article etc.
  • Revine videos
  • 13 million users as of June 3, 2013
  • Supported on iOS and Android

With 10 times as many users as its predecessor, Instagram seems to have an apparent advantage over Vine. The capabilities of Instagram are also more appealing to many, again made apparent by the sheer number of users. But what about brands using these platforms as part of their social media plans? And how do the numbers compare for them?

In a recent article, Inside Facebook presented the findings from Simply Measured’s study on how brands use Video on Instagram compared to the usage and engagement of videos on Vine. At a quick glance, it looks like Instagram is well on its way to defeating Vine…

According to Simply Measured, one year after Facebook acquired Instagram, 67 percent Interbrand’s top 100 global brands are using the platform as a part of their social media strategies. In a SlideShare presentation, Simply Measured broke down the top five brands using Video on Instagram in the first two weeks of its release.

Nike, Starbucks, MTV, Disney and Burberry were among the top brands that used the video feature and subsequently saw great numbers for video engagement. In fact, these brands averaged about three times more than the average engagement per video.

One of Nike’s First Instagram Videos

(click here if video doesn’t load properly)

With Video on Instagram’s early success, it seems to me that other brands will join in on the Instagram craze; they would be silly not to. Fifteen seconds is a good amount of time to make an impact, whether it’s by advertising a new product, showing how to use a product or increasing brand awareness in another way.

What do you think? Is 6 seconds long enough to make an impact on your audience or is the option of capturing 15 seconds of footage that much more appealing?

About The Author:Courtney Christman
Courtney Christman is a content marketing specialist at Mainstreethost, a Buffalo, NY digital marketing agency. Connect with Courtney: Twitter | Google+