YouTube Red: Can It Really Stand Up to Netflix?

On Wednesday, YouTube unveiled its newest product offering called YouTube Red, which will be available to the public on October 28th. It’s a subscription-based video streaming service that will give consumers full access to YouTube’s repertoire, in addition to exclusive movies and series, completely ad-free.

6 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement for Free

How do you fight statistics that say out of 100 Facebook fans only 6 are seeing your posts?

Despite the figures, improving your organic reach is possible. If your budget is limited, you’re new to social media marketing, or you just aren’t willing to pay for results, here are 6 easy and FREE ways you can start improving your Page’s engagement.

HubSpot 2015 State of Inbound Report

‘Copy Off the Smart Kids’ and Achieve Higher ROI Through Inbound [NEW DATA]

For the past seven years, HubSpot has conducted its annual State of Inbound report, collecting data on inbound marketers from all around the world. The report has focused on common challenges, return on investment (ROI), new trends and technologies, and top priorities for the upcoming year.

In this post, we’ve gathered a few top takeaways to help you learn how to achieve higher ROI through inbound marketing by copying “off the smart kids.”

all about backlinks

All About Backlinks [PREZI]

Learn how backlinks have progressed as an SEO tool and how to effectively and appropriately use them in a Prezi developed by the Assistant Manager of Mainstreethost’s SEO Department, Bob Royal, and Partner Program Coordinator, Dan Weber.