Pinterest for Dudes: Dudepins


Pinterest has made a splash on the social media scene as of late, and words like “pinning” and “repinning” have entered people’s everyday vocabulary. Pinterest is predominately female, as 80% of users are women. People go pin-crazy over images like home goods, women’s clothes, mouthwatering food, and wedding dresses.

But, what about the guys? Sure, there are categories like “technology” and “cars and motorcycles”, but the word Pinterest usually conjures up images of pastel-colored cake pops rather than Harley Davidsons.

For guys who want a Pinterest-like site that has less of a feminine nature, look no further. There’s now a Pinterest site for guys. It’s called Dudepins, and it’s a social pinboard for men. The site is still in beta, and just like Pinterest, people have to request an invite.

Here’s how the Dudepins blog describes the site: “Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits and scotches that are older than dirt”. The homepage features a montage that includes a Chuck Norris meme:

Chuck Norris meme

An image of Daniel Craig (aka James Bond), who is termed, “A serious DUDE”:

dudepins bacon photo

And a picture of bacon (naturally) with the caption: “I love bacon SO MUCH!!”

dudepins bacon photo

The layout of the site and the look of the pins are very similar to Pinterest, and some of the categories (like food & drink, animals, and fitness) are the same as well. One noteworthy difference: the category “Home Decor” is rebilled as “Man Caves”. Oh, and there’s no wedding category.

If DudePins is anything like Pinterest, then it has enormous potential for businesses. A survey by SteelHouse found that Pinterest users are 79% more likely to buy items they see posted on the site than Facebook users who see items on news feeds or in ads. Now, with Dudepins, companies that sell products geared towards men might be able to tap into this potential customer base.

If you want to join Dudepins, you can request an invite on the site. Until that invite enters your inbox, you can follow Dudepins on Twitter. It’s clear from the Twitter page that Dudepins is trying to refute any claims that pinning is strictly for woman: the Twitter bio reads, “All things manly”. And the CTA is “Man Up, Sign Up, Pin Up”.

So, if the idea of pinning thinks like Maseratis and Jim Beam appeals to you, Man Up. Sign Up. Pin Up.

About The Author:Olivia Roat
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